Sunday Edition: A podcast wrap of our top headlines this past week

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Loadshedding, loadshedding, loadshedding and more loadshedding. It's all anyone is talking about and that should surprise no one. On Friday CapeTalk's Refilwe spoke to Eskom's spokespersons, Sikonathi Mantshantsha, about this latest round of the loadshedding came to be and what Eskom was doing to bring it to an end.

So lots of South Africans reported during the week that they had lost access to their Google services and the social media rumour mill put the blame on Google themselves doing something really silly. Or not doing something as the case were. According to social media wisdom, "Google SA had forgotten to pay some annual subscription fee?". But what really happened? CapeTalk's John Maytham spoke to Toby Shapshak of Stuff Magazine to get the real story.

Just as it seems COVID looks to be something we can put behind us, Monkey Pox decides its time to make an appearance. Department of Health deputy minister Dr. Sibongiseni Dhlomo appearred on 702 with Bongani Bingwa for an update on the second person identified as having contracted 'Monkeypox,' corrects the stigma surrounding the disease, discusses symptoms to be aware of, preventative measures, and how the department is dealing with the outbreak.

Thando Thabethe took up the Breakfast Show mic for the last two months covering for Anele Mdoda and she totally crushed it. Here's what she and the team had to say on her last day in the hotseat.

Whackhead strikes again! Imagine your fiancé tells you he can't come to your wedding because he has a tryout with the Lions rugby team? Darren helped someone make this scenario a reality.

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