Firms that enabled state capture should pay reparations - Dr Iraj Abedian

The Money Show interviews economist Dr Iraj Abedian, CEO of Pan-African Investment & Research Services.

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Pay back the money!

The South African clarion call has been heard since the Zuma era with regard to money obtained through corrupt means.

The release of the Zondo Commission's final State Capture Report has put the issue firmly back in the spotlight.

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Respected economist Dr Iraj Abedian is proposing that not only government officials but companies involved in enabling state capture should be held accountable.

The CEO of Pan-African Investment & Research Services says these firms should pay "reparations" for the economic damage they helped wreak on the country.

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Motheo Khoaripe (in for Bruce Whitfield) interviews Dr Abadian and asks how the amount these companies are liable for would be calculated.

The calculation has got to be a matrix of what they have stolen... I heard you say 'what they earned' - they haven't earned anything; they've just stolen outright, daylight robbery, all of them...

Dr Iraj Abedian, CEO - Pan-African Investment & Research Services

Dr Abedian says these companies should also have to pay for the damage they caused to the economy.

He reminds listeners that back in 2010 South Africa was rated an investment grade destination.

... one notch above, one of the best emerging economies with one of the most sound fiscal conditions, before these thieves - both politicians and corporates (local and international) - laid into Eskom, SAA, Transnet, and it goes on and on and on...

Dr Iraj Abedian, CEO - Pan-African Investment & Research Services

Reparation therefore, from a political economy point of view, deals with the damages caused, not just the money stolen.

Dr Iraj Abedian, CEO - Pan-African Investment & Research Services

Listen to Dr Abedian's passionate argument on The Money Show:

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