[PHOTOS] Ramping it up: Limpopo brothers shine on international catwalks

Denetric and Lebo Malope both walked the runway at Milan Fashion Week and Denetric is super proud of his younger brother.

Excerpt: Limpopo brothers Denetric and Lebo Malope at Milan Fashion Week @DenetricMalope

Limpopo brothers Denetric and Lebo Malope are making it big on the international fashion scene.

23-year-old Denetric started out on his international modelling journey last year.

Since then he's been booked by major Italian luxury brands like Prada and Dolce & Gabbana, reports Sowetan LIVE.

This month, 17-year-old brother Lebo joined Denetric on the ramp for Fendi at Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023.

Denetric says he is "happy and beyond proud" of his brother.

"He deserves this so much. I love seeing him happy man."

Since the Milan event Denetric has posted pics of Lebo also modelling at the Spring/Summer 2023 Paris Fashion Week.

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