'This is not over' - US President after Supreme Court overturns abortion rights

US President Joe Biden condemned the ruling overturning "Roe v Wade" in an address to the nation.

Pro-abortion rights protest sign @ stunningart/123rf.com

"With Roe gone... the health and life of women in this nation are now at risk.”

US President Joe Biden has delivered a passionate response after the country's Supreme Court overturned the 1973 "Roe v Wade" ruling that enshrined a woman's right to an abortion.

Individual states can now decide themselves whether to permit or restrict the procedure.

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In an address to the nation Biden condemned the Supreme Court decision, saying "It’s a sad day for the court and for the country”.

He said the decision revealed how extreme the conservative majority of the Court is and "how far removed from the majority of this country".

"This is not over" President Biden vowed.

Protests are taking place across the US in response to the ruling.

Click here to watch Biden's address.

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