Cape Town's K9 unit sniffs out copious amount of narcotics across the city

Xena the sniffer dog led metro police officers to a consignment of drugs in Parkwood and Goodwood which included heroin and tik.

Drugs recovered by Cape Town Metro Police K9 unit.

It was another successful week for the City of Cape Town's metro police K9 unit, sniffing out narcotics and apprehending alleged criminals involved in a drug activity.

Earlier this week, the unit, led by Xena the sniffer dog, sniffed out a cocktail of drugs in Parkwood.

Officers in the area followed up on information of drugs being kept at a council rental unit in the area and sought permission to search the premises.

It wasn't long before Xena soon led them to a cupboard in the bedroom with a hidden compartment, where they found a large amount of tik and a packet of cocaine.

Xena then moved on to a motorbike in the backyard, where officers found a stash of crystal meth and some mandrax tablets.

She then led officers to another consignment of narcotics neatly hidden inside a washing machine in the backyard. This stash comprised of amongst other things 100 mandrax tablets, 40 small bags of crystal meth.

Xena's sniffing skills resulted in the arrest of four suspects, aged between 18 and 39 who were detained at Grassy Park SAPS for possession of drugs.

But Xena wasn't done yet.

During an operation in Goodwood on Friday night, she detected a sizable assortment of drugs at an apartment block in Hamilton St, Goodwood.

19x 1kg bricks of dagga, 30g of heroin, 5 packets of tik and 70 Mandrax tablets were just some of the drugs detected as well as R8 000 in cash were recovered.

Drugs recovered by the Cape Town Metro Police's K-9 unit

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After a hard week of sniffing out criminal activity, Cape Town's metro police K-9 unit were able to take their dogs out on a special treat, with Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens authorising the unit to spend the morning on their mountain trails.

20 service K-9s have undergone special training along with their handlers that takes several months.

The K9 unit is readily used to support SAPS in their crime prevention and detection operations.

The Cape Town metro police K-9 unit continue to conduct routine operations in various communities across the city including Steenberg, Heideveld, Parkwood and Lavender hill.

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