Soweto residents refuse to withdraw from service delivery protest

The protest by community members ignited earlier on Monday amid complaints of a lack of service delivery.

Protestors blocked Koma & Bolani streets in Jabulani, Soweto with rocks and burning tyres on 20 June 2022. Picture: @JoburgMPD/Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - A group of Soweto residents in Moletsane have refused to back down from a protest on Bolani Street, causing minor disruptions in the area.

Residents have vowed to continue their protest until their pleas are heard.

They cited a lack of service delivery as the reason for their demonstration on Monday.

Electricity billing also formed part of the residents' disgruntlement.

The standoff between Eskom and residents has been a longstanding one.

A community leader accused Eskom of abandoning its mandate - and only chasing after profits.

"Eskom's mandate is profit. If Eskom wanted to assist Soweto per se they could have championed green electricity they could have given us at least a solar panel and say we are subsidising to this level and then you pay the remaining amount," said the man who identified himself as Dalton to Eyewitness News.