Man arrested for beating up 16-year-old boy outside Groblersdal mall

The man was recorded on video kicking the teen while he was on the floor and pointing a gun at him.

A Polokwane man was arrested on 16 June 2022 after a video recorded him beating up a 16-year-old child circulated on social media. Picture: Screengrab of video

JOHANNESBURG - Polokwane police have arrested a 50-year-old man for beating up a 16-year-old boy outside a shopping centre this week.

In a video that's been circulated on social media, the teenager is seen being pushed to the floor at the Groblersdal Game Centre by the man holding a firearm. He then kicked the boy while he was down and stomped on his chest.

The incident took place at around 6:30 pm, according to the police statement released on Thursday.

The man is white, while the teenager is African.

The man now faces charges of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and pointing of a firearm.

The two had apparently had an argument after a cousin of the teen asked to share seasoning with the man.

The man is reported to have been rude to the cousin, after which the the teen intervened. He was then assaulted by the man, who also pointed his firearm at him. The man's name has not been revealed.

"We will not tolerate incidents of gender-based violence and attacks on our children and we will ensure that justice prevails for the victim. In the meantime, we urge community members to remain calm and allow us space to deal with the matter, " said Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe through the statement.

The teen was taken to hospital after the incident and was later discharged. He opened his case at the police station, after which the man was arrested.

The suspect will appear before the Groblersdal Magistrate's Court on Friday.