Living the divorce with Somizi: Season 5 of his show opens him up in new ways


JOHANNESBURG - Living the dream with Somizi Mhlongo has become living the divorce with the so-called king of entertainment. As of season five of Living the Dream with Somizi, which is currently streaming on Showmax, viewers have been let in on Somizis side of his divorce to his estranged husband, Mohale Motaung.

We’ve seen him talk openly about their separation, him praying upon a bouquet of flowers for a new man who has half the money he has and all. The shade has been thrown far and wide. We have been involved in this relationship since the couples’ dating days, them getting married and now we are here. But it's sad that we don’t get to see how Mohale is handling his side of the closure.

It has been very entertaining and even more so educational about how to get closure after a marriage ends. And Somizi is very giving when it comes to leading the pack with wisdom and his overall understanding of life.

But I’m not here for just their divorce. As of episode four, I have been awakened from the divorce narrative by his daughter, Bahumi, who spoke openly about being brought up by a gay father.

She said she had always been aware that her father was different and it didn’t feel weird because he was never absent in her life. At this low point of Somizi's life, I felt like it was very important for her to affirm her father like that. And who else to turn to if not family during a difficult time?

Something that also weighed on my mind about episode four is how Somizi set the record straight when he said that there was nothing wrong with Bahumi using his fame to secure the bag because he didn’t labour for his daughter to go through the same hardships he endured in the entertainment industry. We can learn a lot through just that - being okay with our realities, who we are and where we come from. And that we don’t have to be apologetic about it.

That strong element of family is carried out in the following episodes five, which is fantastic because we continue to see how family grounds a giant like Somgaga as we see him enjoying holidaying out in Cape Town with close family and friends.

Not to be a spoiler to those who haven’t watched an episode in season five, but are we going to see a boyfriend for Somoza in Troy, a friend he met while he was a judge on idols? He did confess that he had a crush on him. But that will probably be story told in another season.

As much as I enjoyed seeing his strong family connections in this season, I feel like Bahumi's mother's (the beautiful Palesa Madisakwane) appearance in the show was a bit displaced, despite her revealing details like how she was never aware at the time of dating Somizi that he was gay.

All in all, the new season has tasty tit-bits to enjoy from his life, and it meets all my expectations of the content Somizi is famous for: glam, style, opulence and fun.