Jägermeister Night Embassy is ready to finish what it started

A space for unbridled self-expression and unlimited creativity; that's what the Night Embassy by Jägermeister promises.

DormantYouth is part of Night Embassy and Nightlife residency. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Jägermeister Night Embassy Joburg is returning to reignite the night.

A space for unbridled self-expression and unlimited creativity; that's what the Night Embassy by Jägermeister promises.

“Omicron interrupted Night Embassy and Nightlife as a whole in 2021, but now Night Embassy is back, returning with a relaunch party on 15 June at the Old JSE Building in Newtown. After the relaunch, the Night Embassy will give way to the remaining two Nightlife Residencies by Kombonation and DormantYouth,” said the organisers.

The three-day long Kaofela Kaofela residency by Kombonation was due to happen on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 November 2021 at The White House in Meadowdands, Soweto. DORMANTYOUTH's Groove Bienalle was scheduled for the 1-4 of December 2021 at Megalo in Alex but a new COVID-19 variant prevented this.

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“We are back after careful considerations towards the safety of our communities, as well as ensuring we have enough time to come back with something bigger and bolder. Through our relaunch message and visual positioning, we are making it clear to both our allies and new friends: That we’re back to reinforce our unwavering support for emerging creative communities and finding new directions in Nightlife. “said Jägermeister, South Africa’s culture and experiential manager, Bea Theron.

Last year, a residency programme centred around 'Freiraum' AKA space to create announced open applications to creatives in South Africa to come and present their visionary ideas and concepts.

“Our Night Embassy creative board are still paving the way through mentorship and assisting the ambassadors of the night to build on their creative ideas and take them from concept to creation,” said Theron.

The selected ambassadors explored new directions in nightlife culture through various art forms in hopes of fostering a strong sense of community from 12 November to 4 December.

After receiving hundreds of applications and uncovering some of the creative community's most visionary ideas, the boldest concepts in the city were chosen.

“The night is calling. Join us. Night Embassy calls on our core communities to reunite with us and we welcome new allies to celebrate our return at our re-launch party on 15 June at the Old JSE Building in Newtown. The Old JSE Building in Newtown is one of the most compelling spaces Jägermeister has ever hosted a party in. It’s a surprising choice for our relaunch party and with its interesting internal aesthetic facades we have no doubt we’ll start here by showcasing a fresh, clean way to approach new Nightlife. For the relaunch party, each Ambassador of the Night has been allocated a budget, a space and given Freiraum to come up with an installation or experience that best speaks to their communities and celebrates their idea of the future of Nightlife” said Theron.

These ambassadors have received a major boost to their practices with the support of Night Embassy Johannesburg.

They are recipients of mentorship from the Night Embassy creative board as well as the production and infrastructural support needed to enable them to create fresh new directions in Joburg’s nightlife.
After the relaunch party, Night Embassy heads to the streets of Soweto with Kombonation to create an elevated Kasi nightlife experience, Kaofela Kaofela, from 24 -26 June.

“We’re so excited to finally be back. If you think the campaign in 2021 brought you the best nights, wait until you see what we have for you this year” said Slim Rose (AKA Kgotso Selomah) from Kombonation.

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Market Photography Workshop graduates Kananelo Kabelo Sello and Kgotso Selomah founded Kombonation in 2018. They are a Soweto-based pre-to-post production start-up, specialising in real and raw visual storytelling. Aside from being a band, Kananelo and Kgotso also create clothing that showcases their photographic skills and expresses the narratives existing within and beyond their imagery.

“I want to build architectural structures specifically catering to Joburg nightlife. I want to add interesting physical installations into the club space as an additional layer to the excitement of going out. I think this residency will show an alternative perspective of architecture beyond its technical and formal predisposition. You can expect an installation fit for music, performance and film, nested in an unexpected context” said DormantYouth AKA Thelma Ndebele.

DormantYouth AKA Thelma Ndebele is a non-binary (they/them) DJ and Architect whose interest lies in music as an alternative translation of place, as well as an archive of lived space.

In 2021, Night Embassy Joburg created safe spaces, revealed new sounds and spotlighted sub-cultures and creative communities of Joburg nightlife, culminating in two events: Unmute The City by Unmuted and Queertopia by Other Village People. But it came to a sudden halt when Omicron hit the world. To stay true to its mission of creating safe spaces for nightlife communities, Night Embassy postponed the final two residencies and the closing event to 2022.

“Enjoy Jägermeister Shots and Cocktails at this party which will feature a diverse mix of the freshest new acts and the hottest established artists: DBN Gogo, Blxckie and ByLwansta as well as sounds from our Night Embassy’s Ambassadors of the Night: Unmuted, Other Village People, Kombonation and Dormant Youth. The Launch Party will also boast a Cypher Room hosted and curated by MkayFresh” said the organisers of their upcoming launch.

Jägermeister Night Embassy Joburg said returning to reignite The Night. They promise to give Joburg parties curated to explore new angles of Nightlife through the incorporation of streetwear, spotlighting new music and interesting spaces and ask that you and your friends join them at their launch.

“Come revel in Poetry Slams, Rap Battles and give Beat Makers a chance to shine in the Night! Attendees can also expect to enjoy experiential installations by Night Embassy Ambassadors including structural and conceptual works of art and fresh ways of enjoying sound such as through Unmuted’s Great North Experience. The launch starts at 18:00 but party-goers are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes early for COVID-19 Protocols. Please arrive with your Vaccination Certificate and proof of identity. For those who have not been fully vaccinated please note a rapid Antigen test will be upheld”.

Night Embassy 2022 Event Guide:

· Relaunch Party by Night Embassy Old JSE Building,1 Diagonal St, Newtown on 15 June
· Kaofela Kaofela by Kombonation in Soweto from 24 – 26 June 2022
· DORMANTYOUTH’s Groove Biennale in Alexandra from 8-10 July
· Night Embassy will close with a bash at Moon Valley on 16 July

Registrations for complimentary tickets to all Night Embassy parties can be found here: www.night-embassy.com/jhb/