'Your favourite Spar now online' - Spar makes big move into home deliveries

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| The Money Show interviews Group CEO Brett Botten about Spar's half-year results and revamp plans.

The Spar Group has reported "robust results" for the six months ended 31 March 2022.

Group turnover increased to R67.6 billion (up 5.2%), while operating profit rose to R1.8 billion (up 7.1%).

Headline earnings per share were up 3.5% to 642.6 cents.

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Spar South Africa reported wholesale turnover growth of 7.7% to R43.8 billion.

Group CEO Brett Botten warned that inflationary pressures will continue to persist, with the consumer expected to remain under pressure.

He said a large number of stores are preparing to launch the new online shopping platform SPAR2U.

Bruce Whitfield asks Botten about Spar SA's big move into home delivery.

We have been in online for a number of years, but disparate and fragmented... with some primitive, and some fairly sophisticated solutions... but all in independent stores driven by the owners...

Brett Botten, CEO - Spar Group

We realised obviously with what's happened through COVID and the rapid rise of on demand shopping that we need to be in the space.

Brett Botten, CEO - Spar Group

We embarked on a journey last year to build a platform... SPAR2U... obviously with complexity in our model because of the independent retailer and the fact that we wanted to build a 'shared value ecosystem' and not bypass our retailers to get to the ultimate consumer...

Brett Botten, CEO - Spar Group

The platform has been tested in Gauteng and Spar is ready to start the scale-out rapidly, Botten says.

They're on track to have "a fair number" of stores offering the SPAR2U app by the end of 2022.

We think we've built something really special because of our community slant - your favourite Spar now online - which is different from a corporate outfit.

Brett Botten, CEO - Spar Group

Listen to the interview with the Spar CEO in the audio clip below:

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