Those who steal from state coffers must account - Rivonia Circle

Rivonia Circle director for policy and research Lukhona Mnguni says the culprits steal the rule of law and there won't be any accountability.

Songezo Zibi at the launch of the Rivonia Circle on Wednesday, 25 May 2022. Picture: Supplied

EAST LONDON - Corruption is so deep-rooted in South Africa such that even the rule of law has been "stolen". This is according to analyst and Rivonia Circle director for policy and research Lukhona Mnguni.

He was speaking in East London on Wednesday evening, at the local launch of the Rivonia Circle, a research and policy advocacy outfit that seeks to influence politics and generate debate.

"There are thieves all over and they know that they are thieves but what they have done (is that) they have even stolen the rule of law such that you won't be able to prove that they are thieves. Steal the rule of law first, and there won't be any accountability.

"That is why some would even be bold enough to say: 'There are Hawks in the Eastern Cape, why am I being investigated by Mpumalanga Hawks?' [That is because the person knows that the Eastern Hawks are in his pockets," Mnguni said.

This was a veiled reference to Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane, who has questioned the Hawks’ choice of an investigator from another province to probe his alleged involvement in the siphoning of municipal funds.

Rivonia Circle is chaired by former Business Day editor Songezo Zibi.

Speaking at the event, Zibi said their visit to various towns around the country was to canvas views from different communities on how they should fight corruption and roll back the collapse of service delivery

Zibi said the sessions have to be so effective that ordinary people can be able to say "this was my idea".

"We can't have a situation where people call people who fail to clean our city’s streets as leaders. How come someone who steals from state coffers is called inkokheli (leader)? They disrespect you. Make them account for their actions," added Zibi.

The name of the nonprofit organisation, said Zibi, was inspired from the courage shown by the Rivonia Trialists.

This story is courtesy of Keith Ngesi Media.