Joburg City Power bolsters support teams to resolve issues caused by power cuts

The City of Johannesburtg is having to deal with multiple outages exacerbated by loadshedding.

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CAPE TOWN - Eskom on Saturday afternoon began implementing stage 4 loadshedding, forcing Joburg City Power to bolster its support teams and resources to deal with multiple outages exacerbated by the power cuts.

The power utility is battling with calls logged from residents complaining about extended power cuts not linked to loadshedding.

Joburg City Power's Isaac Mangena says loadshedding is placing the infrastructure under strain.

"Our infrastructure is already under tremendous strain as we speak, and the loadshedding is not going to help. It comes as we were still dealing with the backlog from the increase in demand since the cold spell hit this weekend. However, we have teams across the depots to attend to the loadshedding which really forces us to divide our resources between dealing with normal day-to-day outages and also attending to the tow hourly loadshedding switch on and off, " says Mangena.

Eskom ramped up loadshedding from stage 2 to stage 4, which will be suspended at 10pm on Saturday.

Loadshedding will then resume at 8am on Sunday morning until 10pm.