I hope ANC has learned about cadre deployment from Zondo reports - Popo Molefe

Bongani Bingwa speaks to Dr Popo Molefe about the state of Prasa, Transnet and corruption.

FILE: A screengrab of Transnet board chair Popo Molefe appearing at the Zondo Commission on 7 May 2019. Picture: YouTube

Transnet chairperson Dr Popo Molefe says he hopes the African National Congress (ANC) has learned a lesson from the state capture commission.

Molefe, who is also a former Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) chairman, says the revelations coming out from the reports should teach the ANC how cadre deployment is not good for state-owned enterprises.

Bongani Bingwa speaks to Molefe about Transnet, Prasa and corruption.

I would be surprised if Luthuli House, after the embarrassment of the disclosures at the state capture commission, still wants to pull the strings. They have argued that as far as they were concerned the deployment committee was a mere advisory body, it was not something that would make decisions for the boards or institutions of the state. I would imagine now that they have learned a lesson.

Dr Popo Molefe, Chairman -Transnet

Molefe says the splitting of passenger rail and freight rail was not a mistake.

The fundamental mistake was to put the rail network infrastructure under what is commuter passenger rail. I think the government, through Transnet, should have continued to own the infrastructure and made the infrastructure available to the operators.

Dr Popo Molefe, Chairman - Transnet

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