There is nothing wrong with the water despite discolouration - City of Tshwane

Residents in Bronkhorstspruit, Zithobeni and Rethabiseng expressed concern about the discolouration of the water in their areas.

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JOHANNESBURG - The City of Tshwane said there is nothing wrong with the water.

Residents in Bronkhorstspruit, Zithobeni and Rethabiseng expressed concern about the discolouration of the water in their areas.

The City said in the first batch of the samples collected there was no trace of e. Coli.

"The community in Bronkhorstspruit has grave concerns regarding the quality of the water in the area and of course the is a response from the municipality we immediately dispatched a team to test. The first round of testing did not find any e. Coli in the water has not been detected yet, but we decided that we are going to have a second round of testing so that we can make an informed decision particularly if found that the quality does not meet the required standard so at this point in time we are waiting for the outcome," said spokesperson Sipho Stuurman.

"Once we have all the details on the matter we can be in a position where we can take steps that are necessary so that the community does not receive water that is not up to the quality or up to standard. But indeed we went to the community, we went to test the water, and we are continuing to do so until we get a bit of clarity as to what is the issue and where is the cause of that issue, so we can attend to the matter.

"We released a statement over the weekend of course, and we are expecting that within 24hrs we will receive the results, and we will communicate with the community members once we have an idea of what we are dealing with here," said Stuurman.

"I mean, you will have to ask the community what we have been told is that the water is that they are receiving good quality in terms of the colour here and there but when we went to test the water ourselves we found that the water was clear. But we decided to take more samples just so that we can be in a position where we have a full understanding of what is the concern. But we went to Bronkhorstspruit to conduct water quality tests.

"We went Bronkhorstspruit, Zithobeni and Rethabiseng and these are all areas before that particular area that fall under Bronkhorstspruit so we didn't concentrate on one area. All of those areas and locations gathered there we went to run these tests so that we can get a complete picture of the water quality in that area. And so we expanded our testing we did not limit it to just Bronkhorstspruit the is a bigger picture and we, of course, hope that the results will obviously confirm that the water is of good quality but if it is not we will take the necessary precaution but our preliminary testing said the was no e. Coli was found or detected in the water, but we decided to do a second round and testing, and we are awaiting results and will be in a position to update the community once we know," added Stuurman.