Stellies suspends student for urinating on another student's belongings

Sasco said would not accept anything less than the expulsion of the perpetrator.

Stellenbosch University students outside the Admin B Building, they earlier gave the university until Thursday to return with a message that the perpetrator has been expelled. Picture: Kevin Brandt/Eyewitness News.

CAPE TOWN - - Stellenbosch University on Monday suspended a student who urinated on another student's belongings in an apparent racist incident.

The university management has confirmed a complaint was registered and said it was investigating after a white student urinated on the study desk of a fellow black student after breaking into his room in the early house of Sunday morning.

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“Make an example out of him, so that things like this don’t happen again,” one student who spoke to Eyewitness News said.

The South African Student Congress (Sasco) said it was unhappy with the incident.

The student organisation said would not accept anything less than the expulsion of the perpetrator.

Sasco’s provincial convenor Sifiso Zungu, who is also a student at the university, said there was no need for an investigation and the university should not delay taking action.

The congress has given Stellenbosch University until Thursday to expel the student.

“According to us, there is nothing to be investigated; the white student himself does confirm that this thing happened hence his apology.”

Zungu said the incident could not be excused as drunken behaviour and insisted it was an intentional act of racism.

“The fact that he can be able to respond and say this is what they do to black boys, you can sense that this was intentional and he knew what he was doing.”

Sasco’s Queen Majikijela said he should be booted from campus: “We want the boy to be expelled, if not we are going to escalate things and take thing’s further.”

Stellenbosch University has reiterated its main priority is to provide an inclusive environment for all its students and to maintain a safe student community where social cohesion is promoted to provide quality tertiary education for all.

University management said the alleged perpetrator had been suspended pending the outcome of a detailed investigation.

The university added that expulsion and/or criminal charges were not excluded from the possible available options, based on the probe’s findings.