EWN weekly wrap: Teaching your son about women and 'Never Late African Time'

Eyewitness News brings you some of the stories that made headlines this past week.

Netflix's first African podcast - 'Never Late African Time'. Picture: @TheZweli/Twitter.

JOHANNESBURG - Per customary, Eyewitness News curates’ headlines that you may have missed this past week.

Here is your Sunday wrap up.

Places you can visit if you are not vaccinated

If you are not vaccinated for the COVID-19, for either medical reasons or just exercising your right not to, you can still plan your holiday.

Here are some destinations you can chose from!

Grooming the boy child

On his Family feature, Clement Manyathela invited clinical psychologist who specialises in working with boys and men, Mthetho Tshemese, to shed light on how parents help their sons to have a healthy view of women.

Take a listen!

Something for the ladies!

Spain is the first Western nation to offer three days of 'menstrual leave'.

Women who suffer from severe period pain will be allowed to take leave from work for up to three days each month under a reform plan due to be approved by Spain's government next week.

Let us all hope the rest of the world will follow suit on this revolutionary decision. Here’s the conversation.

The launch of Netflix's first African podcast - Never Late African Time

Zweli and the afternoon team are joined by comedian Celeste Ntuli, who is a fellow co-host on this new Netflix original.

Enjoy their conversation on the link below.