EWN weekly wrap: Expired driving licence cards and cooking oil worries

Eyewitness News brings you some of the stories that made headlines this past week.

Picture: 123rf.com

Another short week for South Africans, with Workers Day being observed on Monday - 2 May 2022 - here are some of the stories that made headlines this past week... In case you missed them.

License renewal deadline

Thursday was the deadline date for all motorists to obtain temporary licence cards as per the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC). To many South African’s frustrations, the online booking system is faulty and unhelpful.

Mandy Wiener had a chat with Simon Zwane, who is the chief communication officer at the RTMC. Take a listen!

Sunflower oil inflation

The price of sunflower has been skyrocketing lately, to get an inside as to why, the 947 Breakfast team spoke to Morne Botes, who is a commercial director for Southern Oil. Here’s the interview.

Make resigning work for you!

If you are feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your job, Relebogile Mabotja wants you to thrive when you finally take that leap of faith. Here is her interview with transitions facilitator and future of work speaker - also known as the 'Unlearning Lady' - Zanele Njapha.

When can you cancel an offer to purchase?

If you find yourself having signed on an offer to purchase a property or a car and now no longer wish to go ahead that, Inez Trollip - who is an attorney and conveyancer at AED Attorneys - joined John Perlman to let you know what your rights are when you cancel. Take a listen to that interview on the link below.