Plus-Fab brand caters for voluptuous women

Having struggled to find clothing to fit her more voluptuous figure, Ouma Tema decided she needed to be the change she wanted to see in the world.

Founder of Plus-Fab, Ouma Tema. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG โ€“ The has been a continuous conversation on social media around plus-size models and finding clothes for plus-size women with the emphasis on them being good quality, affordable, and sexy.

Shops for plus size or fuller figure women are few and far between, leaving lots of people frustrated. This is why Ouma Tema decided to take things into her own hands.

Having struggled to find clothing to fit her voluptuous figure, Ouma Tema decided she needed to be the change she wanted to see in the world.

โ€œI was struggling to get clothes that spoke to me. like they say, life gave me lemons and I made lemonade,โ€ Tema told Eyewitness News.

And so, over a decade ago, she established Plus-Fab, her own fashion brand, which initially operated from the boot of her car and her garage at home.

Tema went from a struggling entrepreneur, selling clothes out of the boot of her car to supplying the Oprah Winfrey Academy with gear for their graduation.

โ€œRestoring confidence in our clients and waking up every morning to do what I love is the highlight of my career,โ€ said Tema.

Currently, Plus-Fab has a fully-fledged production factory that employs 16 people and sells in 10 major malls across the country.

Tema recently reshaped the structure of her business to cater to more corporate organisations.

Tema was also a runner-up for the 2021 ENGEN Pitch & Polish competition and said she was excited to see what the contestants in 2022 brought to the table.

She had initially been hesitant about entering the competition but the possibility of winning first prize valued at R1 million was what made up her mind.

โ€œI was really trying my luck, look at me now,โ€ said Tema about making it to the semifinals.

The entrepreneur and designer said after her first pitch in the competition, the judges raised concerns about her accounting systems within the business.

โ€œI learned a lot about finance and keeping a close eye on my numbers.โ€

Tema pointed out that the real prize for her and her business has been the comprehensive learning and business guidance (mentorship) programme that formed part of the new digital format of the competition.

โ€œI look forward to every session with my Raizcorp guide because I leave a much better entrepreneur. He is amazing, so kind, and smart. Learning from him is truly a blessing. Can I take him home?โ€ she joked.

The Limpopo-born businesswoman said her ENGEN Pitch & Polish experience has been educational, motivating, and eye-opening. Helping her to pause and reimagine her business.

โ€œI look at my business differently now. I have implemented a few systems which help me get a clearer picture of my business.โ€

Tema told Eyewitness News that she had a few projects in the pipeline and that all would be revealed in good time.

โ€œOne of the biggest lessons I had to learn was about resilience and trusting my journey as it unfolds. I am grateful for life and most importantly a healthy lifeโ€.