Soweto residents 'disappointed' and 'ashamed' to call Bheki Cele police minister

During a crime prevention imbizo in Kliptown, Police Minister Bheki Cele returned to area to talk to community members on identified crimes and policing concerns.

Police Minister Bheki Cele at a media briefing on 25 October 2021. Picture: GCIS.

JOHANNESBURG - Residents of Pimville and Kilptown in Soweto say they are disappointed and ashamed to call Bheki Cele their police minister.

During a crime prevention imbizo in Kliptown, Cele returned to the area to talk to community members about identified crimes and policing concerns.

Resident Kgomotso Diale was recently shot dead during a march at a chicken farm after frustration with power outages due to cable theft.

Two suspects linked to the shooting have been arrested while a third was shot dead after pointing a firearm at police.

Residents of Soweto gathered at the Pimville community centre during the crime prevention imbizo to voice their frustration against crime within the community.

The residents expressed their fear and disappointment at the minister, saying he was not doing enough to protect the residents of Soweto.

"You are not doing us a favour. We can't praise a fish for swimming, a fish lives in water, we won't say you did a good job because it is your job. Minister Cele I am so disappointed," said one resident.

Another resident asked the minister to take the issue of electricity seriously.

"Please take the issue of not having electricity seriously because this past weekend I took my daughter to Bara hospital as she was not well and the was no electricity when we arrived there. People were dying at Bara," pleaded a resident.

Johannesburg Mayor Mpho Phalatse said they would look at an integrated strategy to fight crime in the area.

"And from the City side, we also have a big role to play in fighting crime over and above through policing and through good forensic investigations which will focus on intelligence gathering."

Phalatse vowed to fight crime and restore the dignity of the people of Soweto.