Online programme takes aim at addressing SA’s maths education dilemma

An online education programme sets out to change how learners tackle mathematical problems.


CAPE TOWN - An online education programme is setting out to change how learners tackle mathematical problems.

The first-ever fully online course for nearly 400 primary school teachers started this week.

The Primary Teacher Mathematics Problem-Solving course is the brainchild of the Limina Education Services and the South African Mathematics Foundation.

Mathematics Education lecturer at Stellenbosch University, Dr Erna Lampen, said that they aimed to improve teachers' problem-solving skills and their way of doing mathematics.

"We're thinking of getting as many primary school teachers as possible to do this course and as an added benefit, we think it will prepare them to teach differently because they will be able to bring problems into the classroom," Lampen said.

She said that they also wanted to change how learners approached the subject.

"It also will help them to prepare their learners in primary school for the South African Mathematics Challenge which is a South African Mathematics Foundation initiative, and it happens every year, so we want teachers to enrol as many as possible of their learners in that routinely,” she said.

Applications for the course's second intake of primary school mathematics teachers begins next month.