Shoba says he wasn't worried about Pule as she was responsible

Ntuthuko Shoba is on the witness stand for a third day this time for cross-examination.

Ntuthuko Shoba. Picture: Kgomotso Modise/Eyewitness News

JOHANNESBURG - The man accused of calling a hit on his girlfriend told the Johannesburg High Court on Wednesday that he wasn't too worried when he could not get hold of her on the night after she disappeared.

Ntuthuko Shoba, who is on the witness stand for a third day - this time for cross-examination, said he believed Tshegofatso Pule was a responsible individual and that is why he did not worry.

He is accused of orchestrating the murder of Pule, who was eight months pregnant at the time.

During his testimony on Tuesday, Shoba told the court that he thought Pule had requested an Uber to pick her up.

On Wednesday, state prosecutor Faghrey Mohammed asked why he thought there would be an Uber available at 10 pm during the hard lockdown in June 2020.

"Because I hadn't used the Uber service during the lockdown in the evenings, so I didn't know what their time limits were and so on."

Shoba was also asked if he wasn't worried when he couldn't get a hold of her after she left.

"It wasn't such a big worry for me. Tshego was responsible and I wouldn't have foreseen anything to happen as much as the family handled it in the same manner I did."

He has told the court that Pule's family also thought of her as responsible, that's why they waited for three days before reporting her missing.


Shoba also told the court that just because he knew Muzikayise Malephane was a car thief, didn’t mean he thought of him as a hitman.

The State has been heavily reliant on Malephane’s testimony; he turned State witness and has been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

He said Shoba asked him to kill Pule as her pregnancy posed a threat to his relationship with his fiancé.

Mohammed put it to Shoba that he knew Malephane was a criminal and that is why he acquired his services to kill Pule.

But Shoba disputed this, saying all he wanted from Malephane were cigarettes, which were banned during lockdown at the time.

“Just to comment on that, a car thief and a hitman are totally different things.”

Shoba insists he never spoke to Malephane about Pule nor did he want her dead as he was excited to be a father to their unborn child.

The matter has been postponed to Thursday in the Johannesburg High Court.