'It was hard': Tafelsig Secondary achieves 72% matric pass rate

Tafelsig Secondary is situated in a gang-infested area and has obtained a 72% pass rate up from 2020's 66%.

Matric learners at Tafelsig High School in Mitchell’s Plain received their results on Friday, 21 January 2021. Picture: Kaylynn Palm/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Matriculants of Tafelsig Secondary in the Western Cape have gathered at their school to collect their results.

The national pass rate was announced on Thursday, at 76.4%.

Some Tafelsig grade 12s there have opted to get their results the old fashioned way, directly from their school.

A nervous Shuraigh Ajouhaar was sitting at the front of the admin building.

"I'm a bit afraid to share what my results are going to be and I'm not sure really but I'm being positive".

He said it was a tough year for him as his father passed away.

"It was a bit hard for me but I'm coping."

The school, situated in a gang-infested area, has obtained a 72% pass rate, up from 2020's 66%.


Two Tafelsig sisters have had a hard time this year.

Tamaran Isaacs said the person who they loved and cared for, their grandmother, was very sick and passed away last year.

The elderly woman had to be cleaned, fed and medication had to be administered - so they often found themselves rushing home from school and back home and struggling to focus during exams.

“She got sick and couldn’t do anything; she couldn’t eat and sometimes she couldn’t even talk. She would just cry because she’s hungry.”

To make matters worse, their two relatives who were abusing drugs, would constantly steal their belongings, including their much-needed school equipment.

“We had to watch them the whole time.”

Sitting alone with earphones, Zakier Bennet describes 2021 as chaotic. His mother was ill throughout the year and during the exams, and died early December.

He said even though he held a piece of paper confirming that he passed, he felt like he had not accomplished anything because she was no longer around.