'I've been bored at home': For some pupils, the return to school a relief

With the first day of the 2022 academic year under way, one pupil at Curro Waterfall School in Midrand explained what he did during the holidays.

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MIDRAND - As many thousands of pupils across South Africa make their way to school, for some, it is a normal start to the New Year.

The central focus is on the children who have been arriving, showing mixed emotions on day one.

Parents are encouraging their little ones into the classroom while teachers show great excitement and warmth in their welcome.

Importantly, the COVID-19 protocols are being observed, with temperature checks, social distancing along with sanitising.

At the gates of the Curro Waterfall School, which is COVID-19 compliant, all pupils are wearing their masks and sanitising upon arrival.

Eyewitness News spoke to a learner about day one: "I've been bored at home a lot of the time. The only thing that I've had to do is use my phone and play games. After that, I'll start colouring my books. The next thing I do is watch TV and then I relax on my bed."

With many children responding differently to the changes in their daily routines as school gets underway, one gets the sense that they are indeed in safe hands with teachers who are ever warm in their welcome.