DA to push for bill to end ANC 'cadre deployment' to government posts

The DA said cadre deployment is the foundation of state capture and has to be abolished if the country is to get rid of corruption.

FILE: Democratic Alliance supporters during an election rally in April 2019. Picture: @MmusiMaimane/Twitter

CAPE TOWN - The Democratic Alliance (DA) said it will be making legal proposals to Parliament on how to put an end to African National Congress (ANC) "cadre deployment".

The DA said cadre deployment was the foundation of state capture and had to be abolished if the country was to get rid of corruption.

The DA said the Zondo Commission had managed to obtain minutes of the ANC's Cadre Deployment Committee and they had to be made public.

The party's Leon Schreiber said the committee was involved in 88 appointments to departments and SOEs.

He added the DA's complaint to the Public Service Commission, as the custodian of the public service, should investigate each and every one of the appointments contained in the minutes.

"In the past three years, it has influenced appointments to 88 state entities, involving 29 ministers and deputy ministers. It does not only recommend, but it directly influences and interferes in public sector appointments across a wide spectrum of state institutions including the courts, state-owned enterprises, Chapter 9 institutions and government departments.

DA spokesperson Siviwe Gwarube said the party would be submitting an end cadre deployment bill to Parliament as part of the solution.

"We will also be making sure that we push the end cadre deployment bill, so that it can make sure that this country practice is abolished."

The party said cadre deployment did not exist in DA and any political appointments are legally defined.