Bedfordview & Nigel businesses say power outages hurting financial recovery

Small businesses have complained they are battling, with both towns seeing outages for six days each.

FILE: A business owner closes up shop due to a power outage. Picture: Sethembiso Zulu/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Businesses in Bedfordview and Nigel said that power outages had been a double blow to their communities.

Residents said that the power cuts came at a time when they were trying to recover financially from the previous year.

Small businesses have complained that they were battling, with both towns seeing outages for six days each.

Eskom said that cable theft was responsible in both instances.

The City of Ekurhuleni is one of many areas that has experienced cable theft.

Unfortunately, surrounding businesses have had to bear the brunt.

Residents have raised concerns about the loss of income.

"It has come at a terrible time this first week of December. We can only hope that by tomorrow power will be on again and that life will return to normal, so we have had to basically just put everything on hold now until electricity comes on again. We are hoping tomorrow. It's a bit difficult for us to go out and get a generator. They aren't very cheap. We are losing a good 16 clients a day," one business owner said.

Eskom’s Mashangu Xivambu has appealed to residents to report cable theft in their area.

"Communities out there are alerted to say that when they see people digging along the street let them report that to the police. It's a small piece of cable that they were trying to steal but the impact it has caused now to the economy is huge. The benefit that they would have received out of stealing that piece of cable would have been very insignificant."

The power utility said that electricity would be restored in Bedfordview by Saturday.