Saccawu confirms plans of indefinite strike at Massmart stores from Friday

Massmart owns retail outlets including Makro, Game and Builders Warehouse.

An aerial view of customers standing in a queue outside Makro in Soweto, Johannesburg on 24 March 2020. Picture: AFP

CAPE TOWN - The South African Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers Union (Saccawu) has on Tuesday confirmed plans of an indefinite strike at Massmart stores from Friday.

Massmart owns Makro, Game, Builders Warehouse, Rhino Cash & Carry, Jumbo Wholesale, and Shield stores.

The reason for the protest is over grievances that include wages and changes to working conditions.

Saccawu said it had secured certificates of non-resolution of disputes from the CCMA to go on the protected national strike.

Its second deputy president Mike Tau said: “Tomorrow, we will be issuing Massmart with a 48-hour notice for a strike that is protected, commencing on 19 November.”

On Black Friday next week, Saccawu plans to hold national marches in all provinces to submit their demands to various subsidiaries of the Massmart group.