If it means digging up Verwoerd to make things work, I'll do it - Fadiel Adams

Cape Coloured Congress leader Fadiel Adams said he's happy with the support his party received during this local government elections, but isn't rushing into coalitions

Cape Coloured Congress leader Fadiel Adams. Picture: Facebook

CAPE TOWN - Local political newcomer the Cape Coloured Congress (CCC) said on Thursday it was elated by the support it received from some Cape Town communities during this local government election. The party contested in its first municipal election on Monday. Its mayoral candidate for the City of Cape Town, Fadiel Adams, spent most of his time leading into the elections highlighting the plight faced by many communities, especially those on the Cape Flats.

With most votes counted, the CCC is sitting at 2.87%, behind GOOD at 3.98% and the EFF at 3.85%, despite the party claiming to have spent only R70,000 on the election.

Party president Fadiel Adams said he's elated with the results.

"We finished second in almost every one of the wards we contested. We asked people to change their votes. In Cape Town people get divorced before they change their vote. Over 40,000 people responded. We pulled it off. So we've got lots to celebrate, man, and I can tell you this is only a start for us".

Various political parties across the country have indicated they would be keen on participating in coalition arrangements.

Adams said his party was weighing its options.

"I will go and dig up Verwoerd to work with him if it advances the cause of a coloured child. I am not saying no to anything, to anyone. But at this stage of our development, I think we'll be most effective in our position".

At the same time, he said he was being cautious about entering into governing agreements with other parties.

"I also feel that in terms of coalitions in this country, the smaller parties [are] set up for failure because very few come out of these coalitions without major damage. So there are various considerations that need to be made. At this stage, in this municipality, I don't have an appetite for any type of coalition".