HAJI MOHAMED DAWJEE: Naked lady who threw tantrum in Capitec is a national hero


A viral video made the rounds on social media on Wednesday showing a lady who ripped off her clothes and threw a tantrum in the bank wearing nothing but her God-given skin and her shoes.

She screamed, wrecked computers, pushed chairs over and destroyed a multitude of other things while other customers scattered around her and bank employees stood helpless and in shock.

Many people are asking for justice. Justice for the bank. Justice for the people. Justice for that desktop computer.

But let me tell you something, this woman is a national hero and if you have ever been to a bank, you will understand why she did what she did. If you’re sitting there, reading this and judging her for quite literally stripping her moer, and thinking that stripping your own moer in a bank is not something that has ever crossed your mind, you, my friend are lying.

We thought it. She did it. And bloody hats off to her.

Apparently, said woman started swearing and trashing the place after she was refused a loan. But Capitec spokespeople are saying they’re not sure why this happened and that they’re investigating the situation. Meanwhile, the Strand SAPS in the Western Cape have opened a case of “malicious damage to property” and the 41-year-old aunty is due to appear at the Strand Magistrates Court.

It is my opinion that while the lives of others should never be put at risk, this woman had every right to throw her toys, or a shoe at least, which funnily enough she didn’t. She ripped all her threads off, but chose to keep her sandals on. Maybe it’s because she thought about the debris in advance and wanted to protect her feet. Smooth moves.

Here’s the thing though, we deserve better customer service. Have you ever received the run-around from a bank. If you haven’t, please let me know which financial institution you work with and what magic it performs.

I, myself, have not been in a bank, physically, for a long time. I avoid it at all costs. Sometimes to my own detriment. I put if off for as long as possible. But I can safely and honestly confess that every single time I have since I have been old enough to have an account, I have been subject to the hands of inadequacy.

Did I want to throw a chair or kick a puppy? Yes. Did I? No. And the only reason for this is because I am just too much of coward to do any of these things. Of course, I would never kick an actual puppy, it’s an expression. An expression of great rage and frustration.

But on the video we saw for ourselves a display of great courage, rebellion and righteous revolution.

Say what you want, but this woman is a national hero and put herself on the frontlines for the greater good of society.

These are the kinds of acts of service we need and deserve. God knows we’re not getting any other kind of service anywhere else.

Haji Mohamed Dawjee is a South African columnist, disruptor of the peace and the author of 'Sorry, Not Sorry: Experiences of a brown woman in a white South Africa'. Follow her on Twitter.