Some voting stations see last-minute influx of voters as they gear to close

26 million people are on the voters rolls and by lunchtime only 3.5 million had cast their ballots.

An IEC official inks a voter's thumb at a voting station on 1 November 2021. Picture: Xanderleigh Dookey Makhaza/Eyewitness News

JOHANNESBURG - Some voting stations are now seeing increasing volumes of people heading out to polling stations as the clock ticks down to closing time.

Twenty-six million people are on the voters rolls and by lunch time, only 3.5 million had cast their ballots.

The IEC is hoping for the final push in numbers in these final minutes. Voting stations are set to close at 9 pm.

Snaking queues have been seen in many areas on Monday afternoon indicating that most people left the voting to the final hours.

Meanwhile, voters at the biggest station in Soweto have been venting their frustration largely at the government.

Almost 20,000 voters are registered at ward 135 in Protea Glen but in the last local government election in 2016 only 51% of them turned up.

Eighty percent of the population there is under the age of 30 and that has been fairly represented in the polls on Monday.

However, community members say the lives of the majority of young people were mixed in with drugs.

One woman said this was why she wanted to vote for change: “The issue of drugs and what plans are in place to ensure that their families are restored and how the issue is addressed.”

She also said the service delivery in the area was appalling: “The fact that on Saturday we know for sure that there won’t be water. You have to make arrangements like waking up earlier to make provision.”

This voting station is one of the busier ones in Soweto and it's likely to remain that way until the end of voting at 9 pm.

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