DA urges Eldorado Park residents to ‘cut ANC’s power’ on election day

The party held its last rally in the township in southern Johannesburg ahead of Monday’s municipal polls.

DA leader John Steenhuisen (R) and the party's Johannesburg mayoral candidate Mpho Phalatse (L) in Eldorado Park on 28 October 2021. Picture: @Our_DA/Twitter.

JOHANNESBURG - The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Thursday urged Eldorado Park residents to vote for a party with an actual plan to end the country's power crisis.

The party held its last rally in the township in southern Johannesburg ahead of Monday’s municipal polls.

Several DA leaders are out in Eldorado Park on Thursday promising locals better governance.


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John Steenhuisen said South Africans should do to the African National Congress (ANC) what the party had done to them.

“The ANC has cut your power and on 1 November, we get to cut their power. We’re going to walk into the voting station and walk past the ANC table.”

Johannesburg mayoral candidate Mpho Phalatse said under her administration, the city's relationship with Eskom would change.

“We want City Power to take full control of electricity supply in the entire Johannesburg.”

The DA said independent power producers were the answer to South Africa’s electricity woes.


Phalatse said she'd chosen to campaign in Eldorado Park because it had become the home of the forgotten.

Her message focused on the DA's ability to save South Africa from its power crisis and to bring an end to corruption.

Phalatse is confident that this resonated with the people of Eldorado Park.

“If you know about the coloured people, you’ll know they feel that during apartheid they were never white enough and post-apartheid, they are never black enough. This community needs attention from government - they need to know that we see them, that we’re familiar with their issues.”

Phalatse said she had a history of service delivery, particularly in coloured areas.

“In the three years that we governed, we made strides in our coloured areas. I, for one, was the MMC for health and social development and I remember my second substance abuse treatment centre was in Eldorado Park and the fifth one in Westbury.”

The DA said it was confident that it was the only party with the capacity and ability to restore Johannesburg to its city of gold standard.

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