Tembisa 10 report: Gosiame Sithole had a C-section, two of the babies died

Independent Media chairperson Iqbal Survé said they had launched an independent inquiry and deployed resources to uncover the truth.

Gosiame Thamara Sithole from Tembisa. Picture: screengrab

JOHANNESBURG - Independent media has yet again defended the story about the alleged decuplets - known as the Tembisa 10.

The media house has given its findings of an internal investigation into the story.

In June this year, Pretoria News editor Piet Rampedi published the story, which made global headlines.

However, subsequent to that, there has been no proof of the babies' existence – with numerous questions about the authenticity of the story.


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Independent Media chairperson Iqbal Survé said they had launched an independent inquiry and deployed resources to uncover the truth.

He spoke about the alleged mother Gosiame Sithole: “We can say this unequivocally, we have done our homework. If we were expected to find that there were no babies and the mother never delivered, that was okay. But that’s not what we found, we found the opposite.”

Survé said the mother mentioned she went for numerous visits at various hospitals in Gauteng.

“She went about 40 times, I think it was, and we have the dates and times. There was Steve Biko Hospital, Sunninghill Hospital, Carstenhof Hospital and Noordwyk Hospital.”

Obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr Mpho Pooe, who consulted and examined Sithole, said the mother recently underwent a caesarean section recently to have the babies.

Survé said something went wrong during the delivery: "She was transported to Tembisa Hospital and there were no incubators. They had found eight babies in her womb and two in her fallopian tubes. Two babies died upon delivery due to hospital negligence."

The media house has accused government officials of not telling the truth. However, he gave no proof that the babies actually exist.

Government has said before that there was no record of the babies.


Lenmend Hospital was named as one of the hospitals that Sithole and the decuplets were moved to, but they said this was not true.

"Lenmed reiterates that Ms Gosiame Sithole did not give birth to decuplets at any of its facilities in June this year," they said in a statement on Monday.

Lenmed said its protocol stipulated that in the case of multiple births, the attending obstetricians informed the hospital well in advance of the number of expected neonates, to ensure that there were sufficient ventilators and oscillators available.

“Multiple births are an extraordinary event and our attending obstetricians inform the hospital well in advance of the number of expected neonates, as the delivery can be expected any time after the 24th week of pregnancy depending on the number of babies expected,” says Dr Nilesh Patel, Group Chief Medical Officer of Lenmed.

The group pointed out that with a multiple pregnancy, newborns were generally premature and many required intensive care after birth.

This would need for the hospital to plan ahead and ensure sufficient neo-natal nurses are present to assist the paediatrician to stabilise and ventilate babies where required – in the instance of the delivery of decuplets, it said 10 NICU nurses and 10 paediatricians would have had to be on hand to take care of these highly vulnerable newborns.

“An exercise of this nature would generally require the services of an academic hospital, which has the necessary resources to deliver multiple neonates. Had one of our patients at Zamokuhle Private Hospital in Tembisa been expecting more than two neonates, Zamokuhle would have instituted alternative arrangements,” said Patel.

Amil Devchand, CEO of Lenmed, said no hospital in the group had ever delivered more than triplets.

“We have detailed, secure and verified records of all births at our facilities. No one by that name, Gosiame Sithole, has given birth, nor have there been any multiple births at the hospital during that time.”

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