No improvement in eSwatini crisis since SADC envoy's arrival - Pudemo

Citizens have been protesting against his rule and officials said at least 28 people have lost their lives, while schools remain shut. The people's United Democratic Movement's Wandile Dludlu.

Barricades are seen in a road during a protest in Mbabane, on 21 October 2021. At least 80 people were injured in eSwatini on 20 October 2021, a union leader said, as security forces cracked down on escalating pro-democracy protests in Africa's last absolute monarchy. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - Eswatini's largest opposition party said that there were no signs of improvement in the kingdom even after the arrival of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) envoys.

The delegation is expected to meet with King Mswati III, who has rejected calls to relinquish power.

Citizens have been protesting against his rule and officials said that at least 28 people had lost their lives, while schools remain shut.

The People's United Democratic Movement (Pudemo)'s Wandile Dludlu: “We are on the brink of something dramatic. The police and soldiers are roaming the streets, indiscriminately shooting people with live ammunition in townships and across the country. Generally, this situation of the last two days, it's been the situation in the last three months,” Dludlu said.

Eswatini residents are also pleading with the SADC delegation to actually do something to end the deadly crisis gripping the kingdom and many are hoping this latest excursion won't come down to just another expensive visit to see the king.

“Right now we are at a touch and go situation, and we are hoping for things to get better,” said one resident. She said that the situation on the streets remained tense and that fuel and food were not always available.

“Shops are open for one day and the following day, you know, we can't move around as shops are closed. Some of our filling stations have run out of gas,” she added.

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