COVID update: Healthcare workers appeal for South Africans to get vaccinated

Frontline workers who have witnessed over 88,000 COVID-related deaths since the emergence of the deadly coronavirus have shared their stories.

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JOHANESBURG - A further 25 people have died due to COVID-19 complications in the past 24 hours in South Africa, bringing the death toll to 88,587.

619 new infections have been recorded in the same period which brings the total number of cases since the start of the outbreak in South Africa to 2,916,179.

Most of the new cases are from the Western Cape at 21%, followed by KwaZulu-Natal at 19% and Gauteng accounting for 15% of new infections.

There have been 34 hospital admissions nationwide in the past 24 hours.


Healthcare workers say the public can show their support and alleviate their burden by getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

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As the nation marks Mental Health Awareness Month, the pandemic’s toll has been thrust into the spotlight.

Frontline workers who have borne witness to over 88,000 COVID-related deaths since the emergence of the deadly coronavirus have shared their stories.

EMS worker Aqeelah Kelderman cried while explaining that she felt depressed and frustrated, as the virus continued to wreak havoc.

"COVID made me emotional because I can't go to my family. I haven't seen my family. I don't want to expose my family to COVID."

EMS worker Aqeelah Kelderman. Picture: Western Cape Government Health

Professional nurse Sadick Swartz is also battle-scarred, saying “I feel burnt out. I feel worn out, but it does filter through in some way or the other because people will tell me, 'you look tired, you seem tired' and there are days where I feel, you know, I don't want to go to work."

Those in need were encouraged to reach out to organisations like the South African Depression and Anxiety Group.

If you, or someone you know, are showing signs of mental health challenges, including depression, burnout, or mental distress, please reach out.

South African Depression and Anxiety Group:
Suicidal Emergency contact: 0800 567 567
24hr Helpline: 0800 456 789

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