Pennyville shooting survivor recalls day he lost two friends

Residents claimed that the shooting was part of a turf war in the area.

FILE: Picture: SAPS.

JOHANNESBURG - One of the survivors of a shooting in Pennyville near Orlando, Soweto, told Eyewitness News how he narrowly escaped with his life while losing two friends.

Police said that a group of men believed to be zama-zama’s shot randomly, killing two people.

However, residents said that the death toll was way higher.

Residents claimed that this was part of a turf war in the area.

A man, identified as Rathiriba, said that he and his friends were travelling from Soweto when they were suddenly ordered to stop at a main intersection entering Pennyville.

He said that he parked his car and ran away.

“The pursued by firing shots, but I managed to survive,” he said.

Rathiriba said that after the shooting stopped, he returned to the scene and found the bodies of his friends.

“I found one of my friends over there dead, he was shot two times. On the other side of my car, I also saw other people with multiple gunshot wounds, dead,” he explained.

Residents have called for the police to intervene, saying that the offenders were living in a nearby informal settlement.

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