Mabuza slams DA for ‘heroes’ poster: 'Racism is a demon'

This comes with the news that the DA has apologised and withdrawn the poster in that area.

ANC deputy president David Mabuza on 7 October 2021 in Soshanguve, Tshwane, on the party’s campaign trail engaging residents and sharing the the ANC manifesto. Picture: @MYANC/Twitter.

SOSAHUNGUVE - African National Congress (ANC) deputy president David Mabuza has on Thursday urged the Democratic Alliance (DA) to fix the problem it created with its Phoenix banner.

This comes with the news that the DA has apologised and withdrawn the poster in that area.

The poster reads: “The ANC calls you racists, DA call you heroes.”

Mabuza said it could not be correct to praise those who’ve killed innocent people.

The ANC’s number two was in Soshanguve where he was campaigning alongside some of the party's provincial leaders.

Phoenix became the scene of racial tension during the July unrest as vigilante groups targeted mostly black people in the area.

As the DA itself battles with the issue of the controversial banner in Phoenix, Mabuza has simply labelled it as unfortunate.

“The DA is taking us back where we come from. Racism is a demon we must fight.”

Mabuza said such racist displays had no place in a country like South Africa, which could easily be affected.

And while he recognised that it’s up to the main opposition to address the issue, he did in typical Mabuza style, issue a warning.

“I think it is up to the leadership of the DA to fix that problem. Otherwise, it is going to take South Africa back.”

The deputy president of the ANC - while handing out doeks and t-shirts to community members in Soshanguve - refused to discuss the party’s current relationship with its former President Jacob Zuma, arguing that the current focus is on the local government elections.

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