Property wealth tax & councillors' guide: EFF launches its election manifesto

The Economic Freedom Fighters launched its local government election manifesto on Sunday, the day that would have been Winnie Madikizela-Mandela's 85th birthday.

EFF leader Julius Malema addressed the party's manifesto launch on 26 September 2021. Picture: @EFFSouthAfrica/Twitter.

JOHANNESBURG - The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Sunday launched its manifesto ahead of the local government elections meant to take place on 1 November.

EFF leader Julius Malema announced that the party's headquarters would be named after Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. Sunday marked what would have been her 85th birthday.

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Among other things, Malema said the EFF would be a safe place for women and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. He endeavoured to:

  • Abolish tenders and insourcing - all service providers will be employed by the municipality

  • Every municipality will have a fire station and sub station

  • All street vendors will be protected by the EFF municipality

  • Plans to build houses and suburbs must be submitted and feedback will be given within a month

  • Women will get 50% access to land to jobs

  • Every clinic must have two ambulances and old equipment must be replaced

Malema stipulated the following manifesto commitments:

- Property wealth tax to subsidise poor families
- Every EFF municipality will have clear town planning programmes, land audits for land ownership for redistribution to the landless, its own municipal land reform plan with targets to ensure access for land, urban agriculture and black industrial activities
- EFF-run municipalities will formalise all informal settlements under its jurisdiction and ensure they are proper zones
- Municipal-owned abattoirs to source, produce from largely black-owned enterprises
- It will have a land and agricultural directory for business planning and marketing assistance
- A fresh produce market for small scale producers, 50% minimum for women and youth
- Land rezoned for agricultural activities
- Food needs will come from emerging farmers
- New recycling plant by 2023
- Will allocate land for burials and expropriate land for burial sites (Hammanskraal and Soweto)
- Change bylaws to force property owners to make provision for student accommodation

- Indigent households unit established
- Use Sassa data to give beneficiaries free water and electricity
- Councillors must report quarterly how many indigent households registered and how many receive free water and electricity
- Municipality must pay for graves for indigent families and Sassa beneficiaries

- Free transport for schoolchildren
- Every municipality must have a childhood development centre
- Shelters for the so-called street children, connecting to free schools where they will be educated
- Community spaces like libraries, schools to have free Wi-Fi
- Children of indigent households automatically qualify for municipal bursaries
- Local artists - studios for local artists to produce music
- Will work with young people in wards to groom at least one agricultural project for a source of income for young people in their wards

- End private ownership of bulk water
- Ensure potable water for Hammanskraal within six months of taking power
- EFF municipalities will have no schools with pit toilets

Malema also gave a list of rules for EFF councillors to abide by should they be elected:

- Attend all committees without fail
- Available on the phone 24 hours a day and serve with patience
- Adopt an early childhood development centre, informal settlement or school and see to their issues
- Always carry the EFF's manifesto as guiding document
- Wear workers' red regalia at official gatherings
- Be available for organisational development to address service delivery issues
- Have a complete list of indigent households to ensure they have electricity, water and support services
- Further their studies in various colleges and universities. All EFF councillors who don't have matric, must make sure they have it within three years and attain a post-matric qualification in three years
- Not accept money for their work
- Not get involved in the hiring process of someone they know
- Not demand sex in exchange for assisting people
- Not demand money in exchange for assisting people
- Not abuse of women or children
- Not abuse of alcohol or drugs
- Not hold jobs outside of the municipality without written permission
- Be removed if involved in corruption
- Not be silent in meetings about an issue in the community - it will be seen as misconduct
- Go to meetings with all documentation needed to bring issues forward
- Not miss meetings without apologies (if they miss three meetings without apology, they will be disciplined)
- Not refuse to assist people because they did not vote for the EFF
- Report all wrongdoing
- Not undertake an international trip without permission
- Know their communities, neighbours and issues

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