'The DA gets things done': The party's promises ahead of local govt elections

The Democratic Alliance launched its manifesto ahead of the local government elections under the banner 'The DA gets things done'.

The DA’s Karabo Khakhau (C) at the party’s manifesto launch on 25 September 2021. Picture: @Our_DA/Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - The Democratic Alliance on Saturday launched its manifesto under the banner "The DA gets things done".

The DA said its manifesto was not a promise, but a commitment to serve because the party was already in government in some parts of the country.

"This manifesto is our offering of something different, something that speaks to the people's daily living experience," said DA federal chairperson Ivan Meyer, adding that the party had a candidate in every ward in the country.

Meyer said they would be protecting private property rights, speaking directly against the government's plans for land expropriation without compensation.

Last month, Western Cape leaders said that an amendment to Section 25 of the Constitution would be irrational and would destroy the rule of law. As agriculture MEC, Meyer said that doing so was not in the interest of South Africans.

"We believe it will have disastrous implications for the South African economy, not only for food security but the banking industry in South Africa and for the private property market in South Africa."

Head of policy for the party, Gwen Ngwenya, outlined the DA's plans for the country.

"Our country is undergoing a process of severe decay," she said. "Today, we are inarguably a failing state."

"We will do our best to make coalitions work where they are viable," she said.

The party's main offers would be delivery of services and keeping corruption down, it said.

The launch also featured struggle stalwart and former Member of Parliament Joe Seremane, who spoke about the importance of having a strong opposition in the country.

"When the DA takes over, we will be sure of the democracy that we talk of," he said. "People will always get the government they deserve. Change does not come overnight. Nelson Mandela said it was a long walk to freedom."

This is what the manifesto promises:

Get the basics right
- Ensure there is clean water and a sanitary environment for every community.
- Provide a hygienic environment to live and play.
- Give residents their power back.
- Create and maintain public spaces for all to enjoy.

Build world-class roads and public transport
A DA government will invest in safe, reliable and affordable public transport, and well-maintained roads.

Be tough on crime, tougher on the causes of crime
A DA government will invest in localised law enforcement and tackle the local conditions, which give rise to crime in the first place.

Bring jobs and investment to the local economy
A DA government will focus first on getting the basics right, as the foundation to bringing in investment and jobs. Beyond that, we are committed to improving the business environment by making it easier to do business.

Collaborate for sustainable housing
A DA government will increase the scale of housing delivered through private initiative, diversify housing options, and ensure more people own their homes.

Adopt a holistic approach to keeping communities in good health
A DA government will ensure that all departments are equipped and work together to minimise the risks, which lead to poor health, to respond effectively to health emergencies, and to achieve overall positive health outcomes.

Govern in the interests of the people
A DA government will be committed to governing in the interests of the people by eliminating corruption, adopting best practices in good governance, and ensuring the resilience of communities through effective disaster risk management.


Ekurhuleni (Gauteng)
Mayoral candidate: Refiloe Ntsekhe

Kouga (Eastern Cape)
Mayoral candidates: Horatio Hendricks

City of Cape Town (Western Cape)
Mayoral candidate: Geordin Hill-Lewis

City of Tshwane (Gauteng)
Mayoral candidate: Randall Williams

Modimolle-Mookgophong (Limpopo)
Mayoral candidate: Marlene Van Staden

City of Johannesburg (Gauteng)
Mayoral candidate: Mpho Phalatse

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