IEC urges unregistered SAfricans to register by 5pm deadline

On Friday, the IEC said it hoped that around half a million South Africans would join the voters roll this weekend.

The different devices used for elections in South Africa by the IEC for data capturing. Picture: Abigail Javier/Eyewitness News

JOHANNESBURG/CAPE TOWN – With just a few hours left before voter registration closes on Sunday for the November poll, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has urged South Africans who haven't registered to get to the sites by 5pm.

On Friday, the IEC said it hoped that around half a million South Africans would join the voters roll this weekend.

About 25.6 million people were on the voters roll and the IEC hopes that this can be boosted to 26 million by Monday.

The IEC said it pleased with the overall turnout.


There have been only a few problems at registration stations nationwide with protests affecting five sites in the Soweto area.

Meanwhile, the EFF has condemned what it calls the pure thuggery of the ANC in Dambuza, KwaZulu-Natal.

It claims that ANC supporters tried and dismally failed to intimidate party leader Julius Malema while he was on a campaign trail.

The party claims supporters launched an attack on EFF members, also striping away EFF gazebos and attacking members.

The ANC is still to respond


The Independent Electoral Commission said day two of its registration weekend continued to make headway as all registration stations will close at 5 pm.

It said just under 600,000 potential voters registered on Saturday and the details of a further 29,305 people were captured earlier on Sunday.

On day two of voter registration, most of the IEC more than 23,000 registration sites opened their doors except for nine.

Operations at these stations were hindered mainly due to service delivery protests.

Despite this, the commission's systems recorded no glitches on Sunday capturing the details of over 29,300 people who registered during the first half of Sunday.

Many residents also made use of the online portal where over 39,500 registered for the November elections.

The online portal will close at midnight on Monday.

Nominations for candidates also reopen and will close by 5pm on Tuesday.

The commission's thanked those who've registered so far -- and called on those who haven't -- to do so.

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