SMMEs crucial to SA's post-pandemic recovery - Busa

Busa president Bonang Mohale has called on business, labour and the government to collaborate to boost small businesses

FILE: Business Leadership South Africa CEO Bonang Mohale speaking at the Lead SA Changemakers Conference in Johannesburg. Picture: @lead_sa/Twitter.

Author: Tebogo Mokwena

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SMMEs are crucial to South Africa’s post-pandemic recovery, says the new president of Business Unity SA (Busa) Bonang Mohale, who is also chancellor of the University of Free State.

Mohale, who has held several executive positions and is the current chairperson of the Bidvest Group Limited told Vutivi News, that the country needed to do much more to promote and grow the sector. He called on business, labour and the government to collaborate to boost small businesses. “We lag behind our peers in doing this, and the contribution of SMMEs to our economy is relatively lower,” he said.

“The small business sector is in crisis. The small business sector has suffered huge job losses because of Coronavirus lockdowns and is an area where help is failing and where interventions need to be adjusted to have a rapid and significant effect.”

Mohale said that before his appointment, Busa had called on the government to settle its invoices with SMMEs.

Busa has advocated for businesses and the state to pay SMMEs within 30 days of an invoice, which is in line with government policy on state payments. “At a time that South Africa holds the highest failure rate of SMMEs (highest inequality, highest unemployment and lowest educational outcomes) in the world, the ease of doing business must be improved,” he said.

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