In search for 4 mob justice victims, CT police find 2 unidentified bodies

The two corpses are not linked to the attack over the weekend.

The township of Mfuleni in Cape Town. Picture: @SAPoliceService/Twitter

CAPE TOWN - Unidentified bodies have been discovered during a search for four alleged victims of mob justice in Mfuleni.

The two corpses are not linked to the attack over the weekend.

It's understood the four vigilante victims were accused of stealing and their bodies were thrown into a river running through an informal settlement known as COVID-19 on Saturday.

The four apparent mob justice victims, two of them brothers, were between the ages of 15 and 23.

Distraught relatives said that if they had in fact stolen from residents in the COVID-19 informal settlement, they should have been handed over to police or their families instead of being killed.

A community leader said that angry residents did not handle the situation correctly.

"This is very said, for sure. We are not feeling well. We cannot take the law into our hands, it's absolutely against the law," he said.

Police divers have been searching since Saturday, but so far, they have only discovered two other bodies in the river.

They are not linked to the vigilante attack and have not yet been identified.

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