Elderly woman allegedly shot by Maphatsoe mourners told bullet can't be removed

Margaret Holloway's family laid a complaint at the police station and investigators are now probing an attempted murder case.

Picture: Unsplash

JOHANNESBURG - The family of an elderly Joburg woman who was struck by a bullet allegedly fired from Kebby Maphatsoe's funeral said that she considered herself lucky to be alive.

Margaret Holloway (75) is recovering at Helen Joseph Hospital, but doctors have told her that the bullet lodged in her leg will have to stay in for the rest of her life because it’s too risky to remove it.

Holloway was enjoying the sunshine at her old age home on Sunday in Westdene when she was hit. It was only when she felt a burning sensation in her leg, that she realised something was wrong.

Police are now investigating a case of attempted murder.

Holloway’s sister, Dawn Weatherall believes that if the bullet has struck her just one second before she stood up, the family would be telling a different story.

Weatherall told Eyewitness News that her sibling felt a strange sensation in her lower leg, which left her unable to walk.

She then crawled into the house but passed out and hit her head.

When Holloway regained consciousness, she managed to call for help.

“It will take about six to eight weeks for the bullet to settle where it will be staying for the rest of her life.”

Weatherall said that while she’s grateful that her sister was alive, she’s angry about what happened.

“They’re shooting in residential areas… it’s not humane to behave like that.”

The family is now considering legal options while police investigate a case of attempted murder and discharge of a firearm.

The police's Vish Naidoo said that they were still investigating who could be held accountable: “We will be informed by the revelations of the investigations as to who will be held to account for whatever had happened during the course of the funeral.”

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