Miss SA Shudu's new book is here. For every copy sold, Sadag will be donated one

Titled 'Shudu Finds her Magic', Shudu Musida, tells the story of her upbringing, of a delightful and outgoing girl in a small village named Ha-Vhangani in Limpopo.

Miss South Africa, Shudufhadzo Musida, on 1 September 2021 launched her first much-anticipated children's book. Picture: Shudu Musida/Twitter.

JOHANNESBURG - Miss South Africa Shudufhadzo Musida on Wednesday launched her much-anticipated first children's book. It is not only meant to entertain and expand children's imaginations but - more importantly - teach children about bullying.

Titled Shudu Finds her Magic, Musida, tells the story of her upbringing as a delightful and outgoing girl in a small village named Ha-Vhangani in Limpopo. She is surrounded by a loving extended family. Things for the little girl, however, take a turn for the worse when her mother gets a new job and they move to Mpumalanga. At her new school, Shudu is bullied by her classmates.

Shudu Finds Her Magic is available in Afrikaans (Shudu Vind Haar Sprankel), English (Shudu Finds Her Magic), Sesotho (Shudu O Sibolla Boikgetho ba hae), Venda (Shudu u wana Vhuṱolo Hawe), isiXhosa (uShudu u Fumanisa ukuba UnoMlingo) and isiZulu (uShudu Uthola Umlingo Wakhe).

"The one lesson I learnt is that when something bad is happening to you, it is important to speak to an adult that you trust about it. This could be a parent, a family member, a teacher or an elder. Remember that being bullied is not your fault. There is nothing wrong with you. Nobody should have to go through what I went through," said 25-year-old Musida through a press release on Wednesday.

At R95, each book sold will ensure one is donated to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group to help children who are victims of bullying.

You can purchase the book online at the following sites:
- Jacana
- Exclusive Books
- Loot.co.za
- Graffitboeke
- Balakudu

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