Pop the kettle on and see how the 'Zuluish' entrepreneur is making change

Entrepreneur Yandisa Zulu’s kettle brand uses up to 75% less electricity and holds up to 70% more in volume.

The founder of South Africa’s first black-owned kettle brand, Yandisa Zulu. Picture: Facebook

Author: Tebogo Mokwena

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The founder of South Africa’s first black-owned kettle brand, Yandisa Zulu, had to sell a “smart mirror” to find money to launch his company. It also took him seven years of researching the kettle industry.

And his efforts have paid off.

Zulu named his product Zuluish, pronounced “Zulu Wish”. “My surname is Zulu and I named it Zuluish because it has always been my dream and my wish to build a brand like this that is globally competitive,” he said. Soon after launching Zuluish this year, orders started streaming in from South Africa and the rest of the world for his electronic kettle.

Zulu said that when he launched the kettle, he had residents who live in townships and rural areas in mind. “Here in South Africa we have an issue of high electricity bills, so I fixed that by creating a kettle that consumes less electricity,” he said. “On top of that, the kettle is 70% bigger than the biggest kettle in the market which is 1.7 litres.

“This will help people living in a one-room house or in the rural areas who cannot afford a geyser and depend on a kettle to boil water to bathe,” he said. The kettle uses induction technology, which means it consumes up to 75% less electricity. It also keeps the water warmer for longer than regular electric kettles.

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