Not enough evidence - Police release Manenberg cat killings suspect

An investigation into the killings of over 40 cats in the Manenberg area will continue after police failed to link a 40-year-old suspect to the crimes due to lack of evidence. Picture:© evdoha/

CAPE TOWN– Police have confirmed that the suspect arrested in connection with Manenberg's cat killings has been released from custody.

The suspect was apprehended in the area on Friday.

Authorities said he has since been released due to there being insufficient proof linking the 40-year-old man to the crimes.

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The investigation into the killing and mutilation of at least 42 cats remains under way.

The police's Joseph Swartbooi said, “A 40-year-old man has been arrested on Friday, 20 August and detained. During questioning, it was found that there was not enough evidence to link him to the crime. The suspect has since been released, and the investigation into the matter continues.”

CCTV footage led authorities to the property of a man where two dogs were seized. They were apparently used to hunt down cats.

The man vehemently denied being the owner of the animals.

Commenting about the arrest earlier, the Animal Welfare Society's Allan Perrins said: "It may be premature to celebrate a complete triumph at this stage of the game. There's a legal process that has to be followed. At the moment, we have somebody in custody, subjected to intensive questioning by the detectives. The prosecutor will consider the possible formulation of applicable charges."

He said the dogs have been into his organisation's care.

"I think, for now, the real victory in the short-term or in the immediate term is the fact that the cat killings have stopped and the dogs that were in that individual's care have now been taken into our care and are thriving and I think that we've got the right individual."

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