Flying Fish & UberEats join forces to promote responsible drinking in SA

FlyingFish becomes the world's first alcohol brand to open a kitchen on UberEats to promote responsible drinking in South Africa.

Flying Fish: Eat before you drink

If there’s one thing Flying Fish is known for – it’s their innovative way of breaking the boundaries that limit us from being the unique, quirky and colourful nation that we were born to be.

We’re talking about the brand that decided to name itself after a sea creature and the same brand that introduced Mzansi to the first-ever flavoured alcoholic brand… blending its beers with two refreshing flavours: Pressed Lemon and Chilled Green Apple.

Now, the fun-loving brand has found another unexpected first to make us go "what the Flying Fish?" once again.

Eat first, grab a Flying Fish later and have fun for longer

While the rest of us are worried about when we will be having our next cold one, Flying Fish is thinking about when our next meal will be.

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise – just ask yourself how often you’ve stopped in the middle of a drinking session to grab some chesa nyama? Well, you probably should've eaten before you started drinking.

Not to go too deep, but the science shows that it takes about 30 minutes to feel the effects of alcohol but 1 hour to metabolise one serving of alcohol. This just means you feel it before it even gets to your bloodstream – who doesn’t trust the science, right?

Flying Fish is taking a serious stance against the irresponsible drinking culture that has significantly contributed to the rise in COVID-19 infections in South Africa.

A foodified match made in heaven

In an unprecedented move, Flying Fish has become the world's first alcohol brands to launch a ghost kitchen concept called "Flying Dish" on UberEats, which delivers mouth-watering meals right to the consumer's door instead of alcohol.

The collaboration between the two brands seeks to promote a culture of responsible drinking, reminding South African consumers to make clever drinking choices as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague the country. The #EatWithIt campaign highlights the science behind responsible alcohol consumption and reinforces the importance of drinkers lining their stomachs with food before enjoying a Flying Fish.

The goal is to inspire lovers of a cold one to #EatWithIt and always eat before drinking.

“Flying Fish is a brand that prides itself on bringing light-hearted fun to consumers who are over the age of 18 only. As a brand we brew a beverage of moderation, that is to be enjoyed responsibly. We do this by making it easy and fun for consumers to associate smart drinking choices, with food, while giving them practical means to eat before they drink, this we believe is a smart behaviour pattern which we continue to affirm,” says Flying Fish Brand Manager, Zachary Kingston.

Foodies in Joburg will now be able to enjoy delicious food from Flying Dish’s select menu of their favourite meals, as well as dishes by an array of South Africa’s most notable chefs and local restaurants (before they start drinking, of course). Search for "Flying Dish" on UberEats.

Inspired by consumers, the menu will feature everything from South African favourites like fried chicken, bunny chow, ribs, gourmet burgers, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

The Flying Dish will run six days a week, from 12 pm to 8 pm in two locations in Johannesburg for now. Other regions to follow on UberEats soon.