Night Embassy is your chance to break into the creative industry

The initiative is looking for four creatives, either as a group or solo, to help them break into the night life and groom them to best showcase their talent.

The Creative Board of Night Embassy Joburg (from L to R): Lelowhatsgood, Jana Hamman, Theresho Selesho, Thuli Keupzz and Day Marumo. Picture: Night Embassy Joburg/Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG – With applications closing on Friday, 13 August 2021, there are just a few days left to enter for Night Embassy by Jägermeister to become an Ambassador of the Night.

The initiative is looking for four creatives who can enter as a group or by themselves to help them break into night life and groom them to best showcase their talent.

Night Embassy Joburg is currently taking applications from any creative worker, such as artists, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, designers, skaters, graphic designers, sculptures, poets, photographers, producers, promoters and curators.

Once applications close on Friday, five creative board members will choose four artists who will be mentored on all spheres of the entertainment industry and ultimately known as the Ambassadors of the Night.


The creative board is made up of event producer, business strategist and venue owner Theresho Selesho; designer, artist and creative director extraordinaire Jana Hamman; LGBTQI pioneer DJ and content creator Lelowhatsgood; skate scene champion and film maker Day Marumo and amapiano-centred talent management agency owner Thuli Keupzz.

These five artists will take the ambassadors through training and mentorship in preparation for their event programme, which will be showcased during four residency weeks at different Joburg locations in November. On 10 and 11 December, following the residencies, Night Embassy will close out with the biggest underground party to ever hit the city.

“I have always been passionate about the intersection of 'business and art' and how both sides find an equitable way of working with each other. The idea of creating a platform that empowers diverse creative communities to create their best work, get funding, mentorship from an experienced creative board, be supported by a world class production team that will help bring your ideas to life is fantastic,” Selesho said.

Lelowhatsgood is just as excited to discover new talent.

“I’m looking for some people or someone who is inclusive in their ideation and crafting of a space. I’m looking for ideas that think outside the box and are also cool enough to inspire the next person.”

Jägermeister will provide funding, production and mentorship, something that Hamman believes will help unearth those who "colour outside the line".

“Creatives always need money and exposure. They have the ideas; they just always feel like that’s where they’re lacking. It’s a great initiative for Jägermeister, a brand that supports creative endeavours and nightlife, to recognise this need, as well as creating the space for mentorship. So many of us more established creatives want to find ways to mentor and support the new generations, and we appreciate a campaign that creates the opportunity to do that.”

_You still have time, so click here to enter. _

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