Scores of EFF members march to Phoenix police station against mass killings

The march is being led by the party's secretary general Marshall Dlamini who said they were demonstrating against what he calls racist Indians.

EFF members gathering in Phoenix, north of Durban. They’re staging demonstrations after at least 36 people were killed in this community during last week’s civil unrest. Picture: Nkosikhona Duma/Eyewitness News.

DURBAN - Scores of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members have started making their way to the Phoenix police station as part of a demonstrations against mass killings in the area during last month’s civil unrest.

Thursday's march is being led by the party's secretary general Marshall Dlamini, who said they were demonstrating against what he called racist Indians.

At the same time, DA leader John Steenhuisen has taken issue with the march, calling it racist but the EFF has lambasted him.

The EFF’s KwaZulu-Natal chairperson Vusi Khoza has called out Steenhuisen after he criticised their march.

“In our own country, in our own land, a small white boy must tell us where we can march. It is not going to happen.”

EFF MP Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi said they wanted justice for at least 36 people killed there during last month's civil unrest.

“We want to know how many have been arrested and how far we are with the investigation and we must see their faces, because whenever it’s a black person who is arrested, we normally see their face."

There is a strong law enforcement presence there but the EFF has promised to ensure a peaceful protest.


There appears to be a sense of fear among business owners on the Phoenix highway where the EFF is demonstrating.

Mkhaliphi said: “We are against the racism in Phoenix; they have brutally killed our people here in Phoenix, so we are marching against that. We are going to demand justice for the people that have been killed here.”

According to one resident, many there have been left unsettled: “I was told by a group of Indian people to not join the march, I asked them why not and they said they feel threatened. There was one police officer who told me not to stand outside.”

Several residents can be seen curiously looking at the demonstrators from their balconies and yards.

The protest has, so far, largely remained peaceful amid the watchful eye of various law enforcement bodies deployed there on Thursday.

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