New booklet aims to bust COVID misinformation

The Academy of Science of South Africa's new booklet looks to stem the tide of COVID misinformation.

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CAPE TOWN - The Academy of Science of South Africa said on Monday that it was trying to stem the tide of COVID misinformation.

Be it misconceptions about how you got the virus or how you treat it or the benefits of vaccination, its new booklet aimed to be a primer for anyone with questions.

Academy of Science members and researchers collaborated to create an easy-to-understand information booklet on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on society.

University of Cape Town Emeritus Professor Anwar Mall said the booklet would be updated regularly.

“We have a large heterogenous society, many people won’t have access to this and many will be vulnerable to the misinterpretation of facts. So, why don’t we direct a document to the South African public?”

Professor of Infectious Diseases and HIV Medicine at Groote Schuur Hospital, Marc Mendelson, one of the contributors, stressed the importance of psychological support for patients.

The COVID-19 booklet launch formed part of National Science Week and would be made available to schools through a collaboration with the basic education department.

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