Earthquake felt in parts of Gauteng likely caused by mining activity

The Council for Geo-Science has confirmed preliminary data but is assessing what most people woke up to with the earth shaking just after 6:30 on Friday morning.

FILE: A seismograph takes readings of an earthquake. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - The Council for Geo-Science on Friday confirmed that preliminary data on a 3.5 magnitude earthquake felt across parts of Gauteng were likely a result of mining activity.

The epicentre was tracked to Boksburg close to mining activity but said more specific information would be confirmed at a later stage.

Exploration, Earthquakes and Mining South Africa chairperson Ray Durrheim said there had been extensive mining activity over the last few years which contributed to the rocks underground moving from time to time.

Durrheim said 90% of the earthquakes felt in Johannesburg are related to mining: “Of course, there are some earthquakes that occur due to natural tectonic movement of our plates and sometimes it is difficult to separate between the two. But an earthquake like this located right above the old mining site could be that it could be related to the mine.”

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