OPINION: You owe it to SA to reshuffle the Cabinet - an open letter to Ramaphosa


I once penned a similar piece in 2018 titled: Is the rise in "black nationalism" a ruse to undermine ANC leaders? You will do well to peruse it as the analysis of the strategies utilised then and recently have been proven to almost be indistinguishable.

Your dangling of carrots to undeserving rogues was an admirable sentiment but I am pretty sure that you would be the first to admit that this initiative has proven to be a dismal failure. This is not so because your point of departure wasn’t pure or was in bad faith, but due to the people it was directed at who held zero disposition for it to succeed based on their inclined self preservation that took precedence above all else. When human beings cede their conscience and its power to distinguish between right and wrong to self interests and the evil pull of quick ill-gotten gains, no amount of well-meaning approaches will ever be likely to find resonance.

The recently sponsored violent revolts that culminated in excess of three hundred loss of lives, annihilated location economy and destroyed family incomes upward of hundred thousand is no trivial matter. Furthermore, the disinformation that was disseminated to justify this as being premised on poverty, unemployment is absolutely ludicrous as it sought to pull wool over the citizenry of this country. Do I believe that these ought to be priorities of both the governing party and its government; and that failure to address them is a ticking time bomb? Absolutely!

But why would an impoverished person attack transport routes, harbours, mobile phone towers, pharmacies, hospitals and doctors’ surgeries? These acts were evidently targeted at the governing authority to destabilise the economy, undermine the rule of law and our hard earned democracy. Through this sponsored chaos by self serving anarchist with a clear agenda of regime change, it only takes an elementary cognitive ability Mr President, to deduce that the revolt utilised in conjunction with fake black nationalism, calls for Zuma’s release and ethnocentrism were a ruse that sought to conceal the attempted insurrection through sedition.

Why, then, would someone entrusted with one of the fundamental portfolios in the security cluster boldly refuse to state the same and instead opt to rename it as a counter-revolution, in contradiction to your assertion, after you, Mr President, had clearly stated it as such in agreement with the citizens you preside over? I cannot claim to have studied diplomacy; however I’m aware that both the African National Congress and the Cabinet that you lead have predetermined protocols that guide your subordinates.

For example, after you have spoken to the citizens as the head of state or party, no one can hold a diverse view as what you state is representative of the core in public. Mr President, in my view, this is gross insubordination.

Notwithstanding, the justification she has since proffered, analysis ought to undertaken to ascertain the underlying reasons that informed her dissent. It might not be a simple matter that can be resolved with just an apology or a half hearted explanation.

Your Excellency, the reportage in the media on what transpired prior to the attempted insurrection, specifically between the Ministers of Police and State Security doesn’t bode well for confidence in these portfolios and by extension the safety of the citizens. Why would these Ministers publically state and refute whether there was an intelligence report advanced to the other or not? What are we meant to think about this childish tit for tat? Furthermore, the Minister of State Security when asked on a Newzroom Africa interview, whether she thought the revolts were akin to a coup or insurrection, she sub-tweeted her own deputy as well as South Africans who held that same view as emotional and irrational.

The security cluster has also admitted that they were caught napping and had no clue that there would be a revolt of such magnitude. They have failed you and the citizens of this country! Mr President, it is about time that you rescued us from all this pantomime. We deserve better.

The founding fathers and mothers of this constitutional democracy did not sacrifice their youth and adulthood for it to be trivialised at the altar of expediency. People died for the rule of law and the constitutional democracy we enjoy today. Let us never be the ones who spit on their sacrifices. South Africans en masse refused to be abused by self serving rogues for their own self serving agenda and opted to entrust you with their confidence, Mr President.

They unequivocally gave you their nod to continue to lead this country. That ought to bolster your resolve and resilience in cleaning and rebuilding of both the governing party and government. We are now urging Your Excellency to please reshuffle your Cabinet to mitigate against the government getting caught off guard; because you will never achieve these objectives while you allow those who blindside you next to you.

We understand that it is your constitutionally enshrined prerogative whether or not you re-organise your subordinates and completely respect that, however, an unstable economy, chaos, disrespect of law and our democratic gains affects all of us. Mr President, you owe it to South Africans to reshuffle your Cabinet.

Lerato Monethi is an ANC member and concerned citizen. She writes in her personal capacity.

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